About the FIRM

J&S Legal Counsels and Trustees is a law firm whose areas of expertise include provision of legal advice and representation of companies and individuals in court.

Our experience shows that comprehensive protection of clients’ interests is only possible with the use of the entire arsenal of legal instruments and methods available in different jurisdictions. Effective planning for a particular transaction or income source is only attainable through the use of the jurisdictions, which are the most secure and profitable for the purposes of the specific transactions and incomes. The majority of international transactions span not one or two States, but require the establishment of a complicated legal mechanism that involves placing of different stages of the transaction in a multitude of jurisdictions. This is true with regards to assets or income of an individual and in respect of a large multinational company.

For many years we have been working with our international partners to serve the needs of our clients. We have established an institutional framework that allows us to deliver sophisticated international solutions with the help of J&S Counsels operating worldwide.

Our cooperation with partners in different jurisdictions permits us to deliver a wide spectre of legal services to clients in practically every country of the world.

The firm acts as a general legal council, whose role is to organise and control the performance of the entire range of juridical acts aimed at execution of a business transaction or representation of the client’s interests in court.