International Legal Services

  • create and manage your virtual
    offices in various jurisdictions
  • creation and trust management
    Of companies and foundations
    In any jurisdiction
  • creation and management of
  • structuring and asset management
    of the individual entities, including for
    the tax and hereditary optimizations,
    as well as protection from hostile
    takeovers (real estate, aircraft and
    marine vessels, securities. Bank
    deposits, works of art).
  • creating and maintaining of family
  • the management of Bank accounts
  • representation of the Client’s interests
    During the ongoing investment and
    other projets
  • comprehensive legal support of
    complex transactions in any
    Jurisdiction (real estate, aircraft,
    marine vessels, securities, mergers and
  • function of General legal Advisor in
    the execution of complex multinational
    transactions and litigation involving a
    large number of legal consultants of
    different jurisdictions.

Legal Consulting

  • preparation of legal opinions
    on Clients interested issues
  • tax consulting
  • legal docs preparation
  • escrow agents functions
  • preparation and conduct of
    IPO companies
  • restructuring of debts to banks
    and private lenders
  • organization and legal support of
    project financing
  • advice on obtaining a residence
    permit in various jurisdictions
    and coordination of major legal
    issues that arise when changing the
    permanent place of residence
  • consulting in the field of corporate law
  • assistance in resolving of corporate
  • the creation and trusts management
  • structuring and assets management
    of individual entities including for tax and
    hereditary optimizations as well as
    protection from hostile takeovers ( real estate,
    aircraft and marine vessels, securities,
    Bank deposits, works of art)

Protection and Interests Representation

  • defense of criminal cases
    throughout the Russian Federation,
    including litigation with
    participation of jurymen
  • individual entities interest
    representation and companies in different
    jurisdictions on cases involving allegations
    of criminal offences
  • organizing and negotiation on
    behalf of the Client
  • organizing and conducting
    alternative dispute resolution (mediation)
  • representation of the interest in
    int’l arbitration court and courts
    of human rights in the framework
    of complex legal disputes
  • representation in disputes with
    banks and other credit institutions,
    including in connection with the
    arrest (blocking), Bank accounts
  • representation of the interest in
    arbitration court and courts of
    General jurisdiction across
    the Russian Federation


Our criminal lawyers are specializing on the representation of the Clients in criminal proceedings in cases of corruption and economic. We represent the interests of the companies and their employees as well as individuals.


The creation and management of trusts.
Creation and trustful management of companies and foundations in any jurisdiction. Bank accounts management.

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